Bring your game development to the cloud

Studio in the Cloud with Unreal Engine 5 is a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution custom-made for game development studios.
It comes pre-installed with the latest version of Unreal Engine 5 to design and develop your next big game, NICE DCV to create your team’s cloud workstations and is built on AWS for reliability and scaling.
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How It Works

Easy to deploy, scalable and free to install.

All you need is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account to launch our free marketplace offering. Installing the offering launches the Studio in the Cloud interface where you can easily create and connect to virtual workstations without the need for technical cloud expertise. All you pay for is your AWS usage.

Under The Hood

It comes with everything you need to get your studio up and running.

We’ve designed Studio in the Cloud with Unreal Engine 5 as a plug-and-play solution for developers. It is comprised of three main components to help studios get started in the cloud:

Jump right into collaborating with your team to design and develop your next big game using Unreal Engine 5.

Launch high-quality remote desktop experiences with NICE DCV that eliminate the need for expensive, physical desktops without sacrificing responsiveness or image quality.

Scale and secure your game development studio at a cost-efficient rate with AWS’ global infrastructure.

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Use Cases

Games development icon

Game Development

Everything you need to develop any game, regardless of platform, in a single, powerful and easy-to-deploy desktop environment.

Film and TV icon

Media & Entertainment

Benefit from real-time, in the cloud rendering to share creative and test ideas.

Animation icon


Create high-quality animation content rapidly without the need for a physical workstation.

Simulation icon

Product Simulation

The compute sophistication simplifies the process of building advanced, interactive simulations in 3D environments. 

Architecture icon


Design, visualize and share your architectural vision in the shortest time possible and to the highest quality. 

Case Studies

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Gearbox Software

Building a GPU-enabled training lab for hands-on remote learning

Gearbox decided that it was time to establish a new type of remote training infrastructure that it could use to teach students around the globe.

The company approached Nextira as the group knew that a cloud-powered Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) would be necessary, and that GPUs would be needed so that students would have the power to run the required software and workloads.

Get started

Sign up for an AWS account and starting with Nextira.

Getting started with Nextira Studio in the Cloud takes just a few clicks and couldn’t be simpler. The environment is free to install. And after that, you only pay for what you use.

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Step 1

Sign up for a free Amazon Web
Services (AWS) account. 

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Step 2

From the AWS marketplace, install and then launch Nextira Studio in the Cloud.

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Step 3

Start creating virtual desktops and assigning them to users. It’s that simple.

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Access to Unreal® Engine is free and is subject to the Unreal Engine End User License Agreement.

As many as you want. Keep in mind that each one incurs charges while running and a lower charge while turned off. Also, you may need to increase your EC2 instance quotas in your AWS account so AWS will allow you to run more.

In addition to Unreal Engine 5, the workstations come with Unreal demos, Source Control, and an Archiver. A few worth mentioning are the Pixel Streaming Demo, Git, and a Visual Perforce Client. Also included are desktop links to download and install JetBrains Rider and Visual Studio Code.

Yes! This marketplace offering is intended as a demo. A full Studio in the Cloud implementation has custom desktop images, more instance type options, login integration, network security and built-in integration with your software development pipeline. Learn more and complete our customize form to get started.

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