Unlocking High-Performance Computing with the Accenture HPC Accelerator powered by AMD

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, high-performance computing (HPC) has become the cornerstone of innovation across diverse industries. Whether you’re an engineer simulating complex fluid dynamics, a researcher delving into cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) or a forward-thinking organization seeking a competitive edge, the speed and efficiency of your HPC clusters matter. That’s precisely where the Accenture HPC Accelerator powered by AMD comes into play. This revolutionary tool can transform your HPC experience, streamline cluster creation and redefine the way you approach demanding computational workloads. 

Powering HPC Clusters with AMD

At the heart of the Accenture HPC Accelerator lies the extraordinary power of AMD EPYC™ CPUs. This accelerator is designed to leverage the latest AMD technologies, allowing you to create HPC clusters that are optimized for speed and efficiency. With an emphasis on simplicity, it offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the often-complex process of creating and configuring HPC clusters. This user-centric design takes the pain out of cluster management, making it accessible to both seasoned HPC professionals and newcomers to the field. 

Preconfigured with OpenFOAM

One of the standout features of the Accenture HPC Accelerator is its readiness to perform right out of the box. It comes preloaded with OpenFOAM, a world-renowned computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. OpenFOAM is celebrated by engineers and scientists across industries such as aerospace, automotive and energy for its remarkable capabilities in solving intricate fluid flow problems. By bundling OpenFOAM with the Accenture HPC Accelerator, you have a powerful toolset at your fingertips from day one.

The Role of AWS ParallelCluster

To fully understand the capabilities of the Accenture HPC Accelerator, it’s essential to appreciate the role of AWS ParallelCluster. This invaluable tool is your partner in the journey to optimized HPC cluster management on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS ParallelCluster simplifies the process of defining your cluster’s specifications. It doesn’t stop there; it goes a step further by automating the provisioning of resources needed for your HPC applications, ensuring that you always have the computing power required for your workloads. 

Benefits of Accenture HPC Accelerator

This solution offers a wide range of advantages that can greatly enhance your computing experience: 

  • Accelerated Cluster Creation: Bid farewell to time-consuming cluster setup. With this accelerator, configuring HPC clusters in AWS ParallelCluster becomes a swift and painless process. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: The accelerator’s simple and intuitive creation and launch process come complete with step-by-step instructions. This ensures that even individuals new to the world of HPC can get started with confidence. 
  • Powered by AMD: By harnessing the formidable power of AMD, you can run your HPC clusters with unmatched speed and cost-efficiency, setting you on a path toward innovation and excellence. 

Diverse Applications Across Industries

The Accenture HPC Accelerator isn’t limited to a single industryits applications span a wide range of sectors: 

  • Aerospace: Achieve groundbreaking discoveries in aerodynamics and space exploration. 
  • AI and Machine Learning: Elevate your AI and ML workloads with clusters optimized for performance. 
  • Automotive: Revolutionize vehicle design and performance analysis. 
  • Engineering: Conquer complex engineering challenges with precision and efficiency. 
  • Higher Education and Research: Support and drive forward cutting-edge research initiatives with the computational power you need. 
  • Silicon Chip and Electronic Design Automation (EDA): Propel semiconductor design to new heights. 
  • Manufacturing: Boost innovation and efficiency in the manufacturing sector. 
  • Oil and Gas/Energy: Optimize resource exploration and energy production to meet today’s ever-growing demands. 

Getting Started

Begin by connecting your active AWS account to the Accenture HPC Accelerator. From there, the accelerator guides you through the entire cluster creation process, providing options on the specific requirements of your workload. Once you’ve configured your clusters, deployment within AWS ParallelCluster is a seamless process. 

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Create HPC Clusters Supercharged by AMD, on AWS

Build and launch high-performance computing (HPC) clusters within AWS ParallelCluster easily using the Accenture HPC Accelerator.

Unleash the full potential of high-performance computing (HPC) clusters with the innovative Accenture HPC Accelerator on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace developed by Nextira, part of Accenture in partnership with AMD. Our cutting-edge application, powered by the latest generations of AMD EPYC™ CPUs, simplifies and accelerates the creation of high-performance compute clusters.   Our intuitive user interface empowers you to effortlessly build a cluster in AWS ParallelCluster, a free, open-source platform for deploying and managing HPC clusters on AWS. It even comes preinstalled with OpenFOAM—the leading open source computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. Whether you’re an engineer, scientist or researcher, the Accenture HPC Accelerator makes complex problems and calculations simple. 
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Manage HPC Workloads on AWS

Once HPC clusters are configured using the Accenture HPC Accelerator, users can immediately submit workloads to AWS ParallelCluster. Networking, storage, visualization and compute are all automatically tailored for CFD use cases.

Discover the Power of OpenFOAM

OpenFOAM is the go-to choice for CFD engineers and scientists across diverse industries, including aerospace, automotive and energy. As a free, open-source software, OpenFOAM excels at tackling intricate tasks such as fluid flow challenges, even those involving intricate geometries, chemical reactions and turbulence.

By supporting OpenFOAM and HPC workloads on the AWS global network, users can tap into a world of computing power with speed and cost-efficiency.  

Unlock the Benefits of Accenture HPC Accelerator

Streamline your HPC cluster creation and utilize these advantages: 

  • Accelerate Cluster Creation: Configure and deploy an HPC Cluster within AWS ParallelCluster in less than an hour without authoring any configuration files or code.  
  • Simple UI: Easy-to-use creation and launch process with step-by-step instructions, including a one-click solution to access your cluster. 
  • Powered by AMD: Run your HPC cluster with speed and cost-efficiency utilizing the latest generations of AMD EPYC™ CPUs. 

Use Cases and Industries:

  • Aerospace: Achieve breakthroughs in aerodynamics and space exploration. 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML): Enhance your AI and ML workloads. 
  • Automotive: Revolutionize vehicle design and performance analysis. 
  • Engineering: Solve complex engineering challenges with ease. 
  • Higher Education and Research: Support cutting-edge research initiatives. 
  • Silicon Chip and Electronic Design Automation (EDA): Propel semiconductor design to the next level. 
  • Manufacturing: Boost efficiency and innovation in the manufacturing sector. 
  • Oil and Gas/Energy: Optimize resource exploration and energy production. 
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Use Cases

Aerospace icon


Use Nextira HPC power to simulate the performance of new designs in the widest range of conditions. 

Artificial Intelligence icon

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With high-speed HPC clusters operating in parallel, you can train your AI applications faster, then get real-world results sooner. 

Silicon chip design icon

Silicon Chip Design

Accelerate chip development using parallel HPC to simulate the performance of new designs to find and fix potential flaws faster.

Watch the Accenture HPC Accelerator in Action

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Get Started

Start using the Accenture HPC Accelerator today.

Join the ranks of professionals and organizations revolutionizing their industries with the speed and efficiency of AMD.
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Step 1

Simply connect your active AWS account to the Accenture HPC Accelerator, and you’re on your way to configuring your cluster.

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Step 2

The app will guide you through every step of the HPC cluster creation process, recommending the optimal AMD hardware options based on your workload needs.
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Step 3

Once configured, log into your AWS account to deploy your cluster within AWS ParallelCluster. 

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Experience the Accenture HPC Accelerator

Install the AWS Marketplace offering and connect your AWS account to get started.