Ignite Innovation with Powerful Machine Learning

Dive into a world where cutting-edge AI capabilities meet seamless scalability.

PyTorch on AWS brings together the best of two worlds: the innovation of PyTorch and the limitless scalability of AWS. Embrace a new era of AI-driven innovation, where data transforms into insights, and insights lead to informed strategies that propel your organization forward.

What is PyTorch on AWS?

PyTorch on AWS refers to the integration of PyTorch, an open-source deep learning framework, with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a comprehensive cloud computing platform. This integration brings together the capabilities of PyTorch for building and training machine learning models with the scalability, flexibility and resources of AWS cloud infrastructure.

Choosing Nextira as your partner for PyTorch on AWS opens the doors to a realm of unparalleled advantages, transforming your machine-learning endeavors into a powerhouse of innovation and efficiency:

  • PyTorch Mastery: Trust our team of PyTorch experts who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of machine learning. With deep expertise in PyTorch, we guide you in harnessing its capabilities to build robust, cutting-edge models.

  • AWS Cloud Excellence: Amplify your PyTorch journey with the vast resources, scalability and reliability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure. Nextira’s PyTorch on AWS solutions ensure your machine learning projects are backed by a robust and flexible computational environment.

  • Fusion of Innovation: Experience the fusion of PyTorch’s innovative capabilities and AWS’s cloud prowess through Nextira. Witness the convergence of cutting-edge technology and limitless scalability, driving innovation to new heights.

  • Future-Proof Your AI Initiatives: Unleash the potential of your data, leverage powerful insights and drive innovation that sets you apart in the fast-paced world of machine learning.

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Cloud Migration Benefits

Capabilities overview: 1-3 sentences

Capability 1

Optimize as you migrate, working with developers who are also qualified infrastructure engineers.

Fine-tune your apps as you migrate them, maximize cloud efficiency on AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.

  • Drive greater cloud agility.
  • Optimize your apps for your cloud tech stack.
  • Migrate faster, reduce downtime.

Capability 2

Design and build the infrastructure for your company’s specific needs.

Our teams build cloud infrastructure that empowers you to solve complex business problems.

  • A record of success working for global tech leaders.

  • Cloud technology engineered for real-world performance.

  • Expertise in AWS, Azure, Google and other cloud platforms.

Capability 3

Utilize our developers to build apps for the cloud, in the cloud.

Our market-leading devs build high-performance, cloud-native apps designed to power innovation.

  • Build modern apps and microservices for your tech stack.

  • Develop for scalability and resilience from the ground up.

  • Benefit from optimization that guarantees performance.

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Transform Your Machine Learning Landscape

Don’t just imagine the future of AI – create it with Nextira. Explore how PyTorch on AWS expertise can propel your AI initiatives to new heights.

Use Cases

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Medical & Healthcare

Elevate patient care, drive groundbreaking research and enhance operational efficiency.

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Accounting & Finance

Amplify analytical capabilities, refine decision-making processes and unlock new avenues for innovation.

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Embrace data-driven decision-making, streamline operations and usher in a new era of manufacturing excellence.

Case Studies

Gearbox - montage graphic
Gearbox Software

Building a GPU-enabled training lab for hands-on remote learning

Gearbox decided that it was time to establish a new type of remote training infrastructure that it could use to teach students around the globe.

The company approached Nextira as the group knew that a cloud-powered Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) would be necessary, and that GPUs would be needed so that students would have the power to run the required software and workloads.

Innovators Using Studio in the Cloud

We are proud to collaborate with these creative powerhouses who are revolutionizing workflows with Studio in the Cloud.



Access to Unreal® Engine is free and is subject to the Unreal Engine End User License Agreement.

As many as you want. Keep in mind that each one incurs charges while running and a lower charge while turned off. Also, you may need to increase your EC2 instance quotas in your AWS account so AWS will allow you to run more.

In addition to Unreal Engine 5, the workstations come with Unreal demos, Source Control, and an Archiver. A few worth mentioning are the Pixel Streaming Demo, Git, and a Visual Perforce Client. Also included are desktop links to download and install JetBrains Rider and Visual Studio Code.

Yes! This marketplace offering is intended as a demo. A full Studio in the Cloud implementation has custom desktop images, more instance type options, login integration, network security and built-in integration with your software development pipeline. Learn more and complete our customize form to get started.

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