Create HPC clusters in a simple UI

Build and launch high performance computing (HPC) clusters within Azure CycleCloud easily using the Nextira HPC Accelerator.

This free Azure offering is a user-friendly way to create, customize and launch HPC clusters without a technical understanding of HPC clusters or CycleCloud’s API. All of this can be done while staying within the Azure CycleCloud platform.

To get started with our HPC Accelerator, all you need is an active Microsoft Azure subscription and your Azure subscription’s account owner credentials.

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How It Works

Simply connect your Azure account, configure your cluster’s settings and launch.

The HPC Accelerator user interface is simple and guides you through the cluster creation process.

Once your clusters are created and launched, you will be able to log into your CycleCloud environment via Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) or the CycleCloud portal to manage and monitor your cluster(s). Clusters created using the HPC Accelerator are built but do not run until they are turned on through Azure CycleCloud.

The HPC Accelerator is compatible with all CycleCloud server types and integrates with native Azure storage components. It is perfect for HPC system administrators or network administrators who want to effortlessly create and launch HPC clusters in their Azure CycleCloud environment. Strong technical knowledge is not necessary-all you need are the settings configurations/specifications for your cluster(s).

HPC Accelerator Benefits

Streamline your HPC cluster creation and utilize these advantages: 

  • Accelerate Cluster Creation – Quickly build and launch HPC Clusters within Azure CycleCloud
  • Customize Clusters – Custom your HPC Cluster’s name, storage settings and cluster settings
  • Heightened Security – Authentication required to connect your Azure environment to the HPC Acceleration
  • Simple UI – Easy-to-use creation and launch process with step-by-step instructions. Perfect for users with limited Azure experience.
  • Storage Agnostic – Choose where your Network File System (NFS) volumes come from including Azure Blob Storage, Azure HPC Cache, Azure NetApp Files, NFS on-premises storage, and more.


  • Automate the prerequisites to creating a cluster
  • Automatic configuration of VNets and Subnets
  • Automatic registration of Azure NetApp Files (ANF) service
  • Automatic creation of home and data volumes in ANF
  • Your selections are used to generate a customized cluster template in CycleCloud
  • A CycleCloud cluster is automatically created based on your custom template
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Use Cases

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Use Nextira HPC power to simulate the performance of new designs in the widest range of conditions. 

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With high-speed HPC clusters operating in parallel, you can train your AI applications faster, then get real-world results sooner. 

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Silicon Chip Design

Accelerate chip development using parallel HPC to simulate the performance of new designs to find and fix potential flaws faster.
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Case Study: d-Matrix

Designing next-gen AI chips using Nextira HPC Accelerator

d-Matrix is creating a new AI modelled on the human brain and needed a cutting-edge development and test environment.

Working with d-Matrix to understand its needs, in less than three months Nextira HPC experts design and deploy a best-in-class HPC deployment, tailored specifically to d-Matrix’s goals.

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Get Started

Start using the HPC Accelerator today.

Follow these 3 steps to begin creating your HPC clusters in Azure CycleCloud.

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Step 1

Register for or sign into your Microsoft Azure account.

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Step 2

Install the HPC Accelerator on your Azure account.

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Step 3

Input the Account Owner credentials of your Azure subscription in the HPC Accelerator and begin creating your first cluster.

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