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Create Strategic Value from Big Data

The Predictive Enterprise is about engineering to become dynamic – and always staying one step ahead.

Becoming a predictive enterprise not only means capturing, scaling and managing data but also applying and integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Data Analytics. 

For forward thinkers and tech trailblazers, Predictive Enterprise presents opportunities and challenges that demand the right strategic approach to surpass the competition.

Predictive Enterprise Capabilities

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Unleash the power of your data and tackle the most complex business challenges with AI/ML.

Achieve business goals faster with cloud-native, task-optimized AI and ML applications.

  • Build AI and ML applications optimized for your cloud platform.

  • Design AIs that use cloud scalability and maintains performances as you continuously evolve.

  • Continually fine-tune your cloud platform, to ensure it’s always learning and growing.

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High-performance Computing (HPC)

Accelerate your time to value with HPC applications. 

Use the near limitless cloud-based compute power of HPC to accelerate business problem solving and innovation. 

  • Deploy faster and more effectively.

  • Benefit from robust and resilient performance.

  • Achieve time to value in less time and with stronger returns.

PyTorch on AWS

Move from prototyping, through research to production envioronments, faster.

Get better results from your machine-learning initiatives, sooner. Work with Nextira’s experts in the PyTorch deep learning (DL) framework to accelerate design, deployment, training, and time to results.

  • Design, develop, test and train your ML apps faster.

  • Quickly scale your ML apps from testing to production.

  • Integrate your ML apps seamlessly with AWS, for maximum efficiency.

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Data Management

Rely on our experts for optimized data performance, compliance, and security.

Data is a highly valuable asset and data-security errors come with an even higher price tag. Nextira’s data-management specialists will help you ensure the highest standards for optimum performance and security, with the best total cost of ownership.

  • Secure, seamless data migrationto the cloud.

  • Optimize data storage for maximum and task-specific performance.

  • Ensure cast-iron compliance and best-practice security.

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Data & Analytics

From building data warehouses to mining your data for performance and business insights, Nextira can help.

Our data analysts help clients consolidate, augment, and optimize their analytics, and data-processing, for maximum impact and instant actionable insights. 

  • Seamless integration of your cloud and data platforms.

  • Cloud engineering to maximize analytics performance.

  • Long-term support for enduring success.

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Why Nextira?

Nextira is a pioneer in cloud innovation and has worked with technology leaders for over a decade and a half.

Tech giants and innovators work with us because nothing we do is run of the mill. We employ the best engineers, developers and technology consultants in the industry. We understand that our clients are or aspire to be market leaders. They need cloud strategies, implementations and results that go far beyond the ordinary.

What We Bring to Our Partnerships

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Strategic Excellence

Get the best strategic fit and solution for your cloud ambitions with our consultancy-first approach.

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Proven Capabilities

Have full confidence in implementation with our proprietary solutions and AI, ML, HPC and data analytics experience.

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Connected Tech

We keep good company with our partnerships and tech portfolio including AWS, Azure Cyclecloud, Starburst and Pure Storage.

Talk to our specialist team to find out how our exceptional expertise, dedicated ecosystem and advanced technologies combine to enable and empower the predictive enterprise.

Nextira: For the journey

Cloud migration delivers the force which drives business transformation. Nextira knows how to maximize momentum taking it from that initial ‘big bang’ onwards through evolved intelligence – to an immersive future of limitless possibilities. 

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Empowering Tech Innovators

We work with some of the most innovative, daring and technologically advanced companies, across industries and continents.

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What can we do for you?

Tell us your goals, and we’ll provide the blueprints. Let’s seize the future, together.