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Explore the limitless possibilities of the cloud

Build new worlds and experiences within the gaming, and media and entertainment spaces.

And now the metaverse is set for exponential growth as an immersive environment where communication and interaction take on new and exciting forms with compelling and limitless possibilities.

With Nextira as your engineering powerhouse, you’ll quickly elevate your gaming, media, and entertainment projects. Our market-leading engineers and transformational 3D engines, help you navigate this brave new world with confidence and imagination. 

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Immersive Futures Capabilities

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Streamline production and maximize productivity with scalable virtual desktop infrastructure.

Get the right tools, on the right desktop, to the right people — instantly and without limitations imposed by geography, platform, or hardware.

  • Create remote workstations for designers, creatives and developers, wherever they are.

  • Simplify onboarding and the roll-out of new technologies and applications.

  • Enforce data security and compliance with secure, audited VDI environments.

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Studio in the Cloud

The cloud’s most customizable, powerful remote workstation platform. 

Studio in the Cloud is a VDI solution custom-made for the gaming, and media and entertainment industry.

  • A premium, configurable, scalable, low-latency virtual desktop for developers.

  • Server-based infrastructure for maximum power no matter your hardware.

  • A built-in cost tracker, so you always stay on budget.

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Unreal Engine on AWS

Build immersive worlds with the latest version of Unreal Engine on AWS.

Use Unreal Engine on AWS, and Nextira expertise, to create agile, scalable, and secure development environments for your distributed teams. 

  • Be more productive with Unreal Engine and flexible AWS infrastructure.

  • Easily scale your resources up and down based on your development needs.

  • Protect your IP with built-in security.

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Why Nextira?

Nextira is a pioneer in cloud innovation and has worked with technology leaders for over a decade and a half.

Tech giants and innovators work with us because nothing we do is run of the mill. We employ the best engineers, developers and technology consultants in the industry. We understand that our clients are or aspire to be market leaders. They need cloud strategies, implementations and results that go far beyond the ordinary.

What We Bring to Our Partnerships

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Strategic excellence

Get a custom-fit solution for your virtual workstation environment that leverages our deep expertise in 3D creation engines and XR.

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Proven capabilities

Have full confidence in implementation with our proven models, blueprints and IP for assured, rapid evolution in immersive spaces.

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Connected technologies

We keep good company with our partnerships and tech portfolio including Epic Game’s Unreal Engine, HP Anyware and Perforce.

Talk to our specialist team to find out how our exceptional expertise, dedicated ecosystem, and advanced technologies combine to build the best immersive futures.

Nextira: For the journey

Cloud migration delivers the force which drives business transformation. Nextira knows how to maximize momentum taking it from that initial ‘big bang’ onwards through evolved intelligence – to an immersive future of limitless possibilities. 

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Empowering tech innovators

We work with some of the most innovative, daring and technologically advanced companies, across industries and continents.

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What can we do for you?

Tell us your goals, and we’ll provide the blueprints. Let’s seize the future, together.