Our Partnership with Ansys

Ansys’ software helps engineers to design, test and optimize products in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, energy and manufacturing. We’ve partnered with Ansys to assist with Ansys Gateway powered by AWS implementations allowing engineers to access faster, more flexible and highly scalable engineering solutions.

We have a deep understanding of Ansys software and AWS cloud computing. Our team of cloud experts help you assess your needs and develop a solution that meets your specific requirements. We excel at migrating your existing simulation workloads to AWS and train your engineers on how to use Ansys Gateway powered by AWS.

Ansys Gateway powered by AWS

Nextira is one of the first North American partners to support Ansys Gateway powered by AWS, a solution that enables engineers to run Ansys simulation software on the AWS cloud.
This partnership allows us to offer our customers a more scalable, flexible and cost-effective way to conduct simulations. Ansys Gateway powered by AWS provides several benefits for engineers and IT teams, including:
  • Ease of use: Engineers can easily manage their complex engineering and simulation environments using an intuitive web-interface. They can quickly access several pre-configured Ansys applications that are optimized for AWS hardware. They can collaborate with members of their team on data and compute resource-intensive projects.
  • Flexibility: Engineers can choose from Ansys recommended state-of-the-art AWS hardware (Virtual Machine) configurations for Ansys applications in their AWS subscription. They can easily install and configure other applications to complete their end-to-end simulation workflows.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Engineers can save money by using cloud resources only when needed. Unused AWS resources can be shut down to reduce costs and to control unwanted consumption. IT teams can leverage flexible pricing models and savings plans from AWS to achieve optimal price-points on AWS infrastructure.
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We Are Here to Help

Accelerate your engineering simulations with Ansys Gateway powered by AWS.

Use Cases

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Leverage this platform to optimize designs, reduce development time and make informed decisions for more efficient and reliable aircraft and aerospace systems.

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Automotive Manufacturing

Enhance vehicle performance, safety, efficiency, and overall quality while accelerating the innovation and development of next-generation vehicles.

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Accelerate the design iteration process, improve product reliability, and deliver innovative electronic products with enhanced performance and functionality.

Latest News

Nextira is thrilled to announce our participation in the Ansys Technology Partner Program to support customers in implementing Ansys Gateway powered by AWS.

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