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Enter a new era, with Nextira

Six Nines has evolved. We’ve become Nextira. Why? When we started in 2008, companies were just beginning to migrate business-critical workloads to the cloud. Our clients needed the reassurance of knowing that anything their on-site data centers could do, their cloud provider could do not only better and for less — but every bit as reliably.

That’s where Six Nines came from. When clients worked with us, they could count on 99.9999% uptime. That’s as true today as it was then. Choose Nextira as your cloud partner and you get instant access to the market-leading tools, technologies and expertise required to keep your systems running reliably at peak performance, day in and day out.

But we offer so much more than just market-leading resilience and reliability. During fifteen years working at the leading edge of cloud transformation, we’ve built unbeatable expertise, proprietary technologies and new ways of working, We help our clients meet tomorrow’s challenges now, to build the platforms and customer experiences of tomorrow.

That’s why Six Nines is now Nextira.  Whether you’re establishing new cloud workloads; evolving cloud services to deliver greater scale, flexibility and agility; or elevating your tech stack with AI, ML and other innovative technologies, we can help you go further, faster, for a bigger positive impact.  Join the next era of cloud computing today, with Nextira.

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Our story

When we were founded in 2008 the advantages of cloud were tempered by fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the minds of some business and technical leaders.

To reassure both groups, we offered a new type of partnership for companies that wanted to move their processes and technology to a nascent cloud ecosystem – with minimal risk or disruption, and maximum benefit. 

Today, Nextira can look back on hundreds of successful cloud migrations completed for customers across all industries. The inception of cloud was the ‘big bang’ that created a whole new universe of possibilities. 

This universe expands from cloud migration to native innovation. Through the use of artificial intelligence, predictive technologies, 

traditional forms of communication and interaction, it has evolved to create immersive environments that exist in the metaverse.

For today’s groundbreaking and innovative thinkers and tech trailblazers this universe holds the same excitement and promise as the cloud. And it also requires the same type of partnership to be successfully realized.

Nextira offers that partnership: to advance cloud intelligence and immersive experiences with strategic consultancy and leadership, exceptional engineering expertise, sophisticated turnkey solutions, multi-cloud provision, and specialist ecosystems.

As the success of virtually every enterprise continues to rely on the continuous evolution of technology, Nextira is here to help you seize the future – with confidence.

Our approach

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Recognition and understanding of your strategic challenges, needs, and objectives as the critical starting point for measurable success.


Integrated expertise in advanced
engineering, architecture, deployment, and ongoing management.

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Specialist Nextira teams and
ecosystems dedicated to Cloud Native Innovation, Predictive Enterprise, and Immersive Futures.

Our leadership

Jason Cutrer - CEO and Founder

Jason Cutrer

CEO and Founder

Founded Six Nines (Now Nextira) in 2018. Prior experience includes Fanatics and American Cancer Society.

Matthew Brucker - Managing Director

Matthew Brucker

Managing Director

Joined Nextira in 2016. Prior experience includes and Encana Corporation.

Michelle Stanley - VP of Finance

Michelle Stanley

VP of Finance

Joined Nextira in 2016. Prior experience includes Let’s Gel Inc, Capstead Mortgage Corporation and Ernst & Young.

Ernest Mueller - VP of Engineering

Ernest Mueller

VP of Engineering

Joined Nextira in 2021. Prior experience includes National Instruments and AlienVault.

Katie Singh - Director of Alliances

Katie Singh

Director of Alliances

Joined Nextira in 2020. Prior experience includes AdTaxi and Kelly Scott Madison.

Daria Ilic - Director of People Operations

Daria Ilic

Director of People Operations

Joined Nextira in 2020. Prior experience includes The Zebra and VMware.

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Our values

Nextira has a passion for problem solving, an infinite capacity to innovate, and the know-how to deliver exceptional technology solutions.

We create better futures for our customers, partners, and company through inclusion and nurture; continually growing the skills and expertise of our people in the art and science of advanced technology architecture and engineering.

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We believe transparency is key to authentic customer relationships and the creation of the best solutions.

We maintain an open dialog with our customers on the progress, challenges, and options that naturally arise throughout projects and relationships.

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Deployment speed and time to value are key performance indicators for technology projects. 

Through dexterity, and our continuous learning culture, we’re set to action projects without delay and sustain the momentum that’s essential to successful outcomes.

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For every technology project with a purpose there is also a risk of scope creep.

By firmly establishing and maintaining a clear intent for our customer solutions, we help them avoid unnecessary risk, delays, or unbudgeted costs.

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Technology solutions must achieve outcomes that often need to satisfy a range of decision makers and stakeholders.

That’s why Nextira accountability is extended to the design, delivery, and efficacy of the solutions we architect and engineer for our customers.

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What can we do for you?

Talk to us about your business vision and we’ll be happy to share our technology insights and recommendations.