Nextira Announces Support for AWS for Games

Nextira announced support for the AWS for Games initiative from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate cloud-native game development and design through their Studio in the Cloud offering running exclusively on AWS.
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In order to accelerate game development in a globally competitive environment, gaming studios are looking to the cloud to support remote workforces, reduce development cycle time, and quickly enable critical production work.

Nextira’ Studio in the Cloud solution empowers gaming studios using AWS by:

  • Providing remote virtual desktop access to video, 2D/3D animation, game development, and other specialized software & applications
  • Creating secure storage with remote team access and collaboration around game content
  • Implementing accelerated compute, high-performance storage, and low-latency networking to power developers’ demand

Through automating cloud workstations, running demanding creative applications, storing and collaborating with creative assets, and rendering those assets for final compilation, Nextira’ Studio in the Cloud solution provides game studios a platform for easily leveraging the power of the cloud.

Studio in the Cloud is a cloud-native solution for gaming studios looking to move all or part of their production to the cloud. It offers an all-in-cloud or hybrid infrastructure that allows developers and creatives alike to work, store, and build without the need for physical servers and machines.

Studio in the Cloud centralizes creative assets and lets multiple artists connect to project storage and work on them together. It speeds up production time-to-market by providing remote access to powerful workstations with 4k remote display using all the usual tools immediately when they are needed. Powered by AWS, Studio in the Cloud significantly reduces production costs, simultaneously scales render capacity during peak demand, and prioritizes security compliance for data accessibility.

Studio in the Cloud deploys virtual workstations, storage, and build capability on AWS using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), a secure and resizable compute capacity for virtually any workload, especially its NVIDIA and AMD GPU-based instances. It also utilizes Amazon Nimble Studio to accelerate content creation in the cloud for its NICE DCV remote display technology and Thinkbox Deadline render farm. You can easily reach out and get the power you need when you need it, in a global AWS region near you.

You can bring on new developer desktops and build capacity immediately as you need it and release it back to the cloud the second you don’t. This lets you onboard new developers and freelancers quickly and easily, control where they’re able to take your content, and accelerate routine tasks like builds and lighting so they’re not standing between you and your ship date.

“We can now reach students anywhere, on almost any device, expanding the talent pool globally. We can engage with students using our custom game design curriculum built with all the same tools used in our professional production. We’re very happy with the results from our partnership with Nextira and are excited about the potential this remote learning environment has for our future.” – Aaron Thibault, Vice President of Strategic Operations at Gearbox Software.

See how Studio in the Cloud can revolutionize your workflow:

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