Press Release: Cloud Consulting Company Six Nines IT Rebrands to Nextira

AUSTIN, Texas (March 15, 2023)—Nextira, a turnkey cloud consulting company specializing in cloud-native innovation, predictive enterprise and immersive futures, announced today it has rebranded from Six Nines IT. The move represents an evolution in the company’s vision for the future of cloud ecosystems that accelerate innovation and time to value for game, media and entertainment, artificial intelligence and similar industries.

“The future of game development, filmmaking, manufacturing, advertising, health care—and more—rests in cloud-native innovation. Helping organizations migrate to the cloud is just the beginning. Together with our partners, Nextira is singularly focused on building the future for our customers today as they seek to transform into truly predictive enterprises through advanced cloud solutions and immersive technologies.”

Since its founding in 2008, Nextira has migrated hundreds of companies to the cloud, combining advanced engineering expertise, a customer-first approach and a network of relationships that includes Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google and Microsoft. It has been an AWS Premier Consulting Partner since 2013 and is a Microsoft Azure Partner and a Google Cloud Partner.

Nextira’s broad suite of capabilities extends to three practice areas:

  • Cloud-native Innovation, which includes migrations services, cloud engineering and native app development, automation, development operations (DevOps), managed engineering services, Microsoft workload migrations and full lifecycle support for evolving business needs and goals.
  • Predictive Enterprise, which fuses cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications with high-performance computing (HPC), including PyTorch on AWS and its proprietary HPC Accelerator available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace—engineering focused data analytics and management to accelerate design, deployment and time to value for enabling advanced AI operations.
  • Immersive Futures, which provides game, media and entertainment studios and creators with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and Unreal Engine development tools that improve time to market, productivity, agility and deployment of the next generation of immersive technologies and products.


“It’s our mission as a leading cloud consulting company to deliver the expertise and resources organizations need at every step of their journeys. At Nextira, we’re working with customers across industries to identify, build and deploy the next generation of cloud technologies to seize a future with even greater possibilities.”

As a longstanding member of the AWS Partner Network (APN) and an Unreal Engine strategic partner, Nextira provides development studios with the industry’s most sophisticated and powerful development environment. Through its partnerships, Nextira enables access to Unreal Engine 5 in AWS Marketplace. Nextira’s Studio in the Cloud solution—a proprietary development environment that delivers a configurable, low-latency virtual desktop across distributed teams—supports more than 80 game development applications, including Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5, Autodesk, Adobe Creative Cloud, Blender, Foundry and more. The offering gives game developers, media and entertainment production studios, manufacturers, aerospace companies and other brands with heavy research and development requirements greater agility, scalability and security in their development environments.

“Nextira’s ability to enable game production in the cloud is opening new doors for game developers and embodies an exciting vision for the future of the industry. As major gaming studios contend with longer development times, rising costs and complexity that comes with delivering the next generation of immersive experiences that consumers expect, Nextira is empowering studios with the solutions and raw computing power needed to accelerate production, more easily solve operational challenges and remain at the forefront of innovation in an industry that is rapidly evolving.”

“Nextira’s engineering excellence in cloud architecture and deployments has helped hundreds of companies leverage the full power of AWS. Following last year’s launch of AWS for Games, an increasing number of developers are embracing industry-wide transformation and turning to AWS and APN Partners for purpose-built game development capabilities in the cloud. Nextira is playing an important role in driving that transformation, and we look forward to continuing to build our relationship.”

Nextira and its team members hold dozens of certifications through AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and others in development, solutions architecture, database, networking, security, DevOps, system operations, data AI and engineering and more.

As a cloud consulting partner for major game development and technology companies, Nextira will attend the Game Developers Conference from Monday, March 20, through Friday, March 24, in San Francisco.

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