Ansys Selects Nextira to Support Customers in Adopting Ansys Gateway Powered by AWS

As a leading technology solutions provider, we are thrilled to announce our selection as a participant in the Ansys Technology Partner Program. Our participation aims to support customers in implementing Ansys Gateway powered by AWS, a cloud-based simulation platform. We are excited to leverage our expertise and join forces with Ansys to assist customers in maximizing the benefits of this powerful solution while ensuring a smooth implementation process.

The Ansys Technology Partner Program selects partners based on industry expertise, commitment to customer success and ability to deliver innovative solutions. Our inclusion in this program reflects our strong reputation as a trusted technology partner and our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional services.

Ansys Gateway powered by AWS empowers engineers and organizations to access advanced simulation capabilities in the cloud, optimizing performance, scalability and collaboration. As part of this program, our role will be to provide guidance, technical support and tailored solutions to customers during the implementation of Ansys Gateway powered by AWS. We are committed to enhancing the overall customer experience, facilitating a seamless transition to this cloud-based simulation platform.

Through this partnership, we expand our Predictive Enterprise expertise, a suite of capabilities focused on capturing, scaling, and managing organizations’ data. Our contribution aims to empower customers to leverage the advanced simulation capabilities of Ansys Gateway powered by AWS, enabling them to drive innovation, enhance product development processes and accelerate time-to-market. The cloud infrastructure of AWS offers scalability and flexibility, allowing organizations to access computational resources on-demand, free from the limitations of traditional on-premises setups.

The collaboration between Nextira and Ansys demonstrates our shared commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and exceptional support to customers. Together, we aim to unlock new possibilities and help our customers achieve their engineering objectives. Our proven track record in delivering technology solutions combined with Ansys’s industry-leading simulation software creates a powerful synergy that enhances the value proposition for customers seeking to embrace cloud-based simulation capabilities.

In summary, our participation in the Ansys Technology Partner Program further solidifies our position as a technology leader. We are excited to offer our customers the expertise and support they need to successfully implement Ansys Gateway powered by AWS and fully leverage the benefits of cloud-based simulation. Experience the power of Ansys Gateway powered by AWS on the AWS Marketplace and unlock new engineering possibilities.

Read the announcement press release to learn more.

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